3 Ways To Screw Up Your Twenties

Feel like not making progress and want your life to be even more difficult? Try these 3 things and enjoy the ride.

Don’t commit to anything or anyone. Always pursue having options. Always think that there is something better around the corner. What if your plans never work out? When tough times get tough, push through and keep going. Our twenties are only the beginning. If we can’t make it through these “tough times,” we’re in trouble for the long term.

Convince yourself you know how life works. The opposite of being humble is being arrogant. We can be arrogant in the way we talk to others and also in the ways that we make life decisions. Being humble does not eliminate confidence, but it’s viewing ourselves in a way that accepts the reality that we don’t have everything figured out. Always learn from others. Admit when you’re wrong. Keep progressing forward.

Pack your schedule so tightly that you have zero breathing room. Life is a series of unplanned events. There’s no way we can be 100% ready for what life throws at us, but we can create space that gives us time to respond to what happens. The less breathing room we have increases the chances we respond in a poor way that is out of our character. The one thing we can’t get back in life is time…let’s make the most of it.


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