The Good Old Days

When I have conversations with people that are…well how can I put this without offending anyone…people that have lived more years and have more life experience than me? Does that count? Okay…might as well call it like it is…People that are older. I’m sorry if this is you and were born before 1990!

The phrase “The Good Old Days” is something that is talked about frequently. Life before cell phones…the good old days. When gas was 50 cents a gallon…the good old days. When you could leave your car door unlocked at night and not have to worry about it getting broken into…the good old days. I wish some of those things were different. Even though we wish some things would be like they used to be, we can’t get most of those things back. Those days are gone.

What if we thought about life in a slightly different way? What if we said we are living in the good old days today…right now! When I was on staff at Life.Church in Oklahoma, this was a phrase we said often…We are living in the good old days! It changed the way I view life. The season that we’re in right now is exactly where you’re meant to be. Not any more and not any less. I know that I would not be the person I am today if certain life events didn’t happen in the way that they did. I may not know the reason behind it all right now, but I will in time.

We may not be in the place we thought we would be, but that doesn’t matter. We may have made some dumb mistakes and we’re in our current situation because of those mistakes. Use the past to reflect, but don’t live there. Live in the present and do everything you can TODAY to plan for your future. Unfortunately there’s not an equation in life where you Do Something + Something Else = You’ll Have Everything You Want. Nothing is guaranteed to work out like we plan, but we can make the best of what we’ve been given. I’m thankful to keep living this life…I hope the same is for you!

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