You Have Food Stuck In Your Teeth…

Have you ever been talking with someone and noticed that they had food stuck in their teeth or on their face? Did you say anything? Should you say something?

Imagine you’re 21 years old and getting ready for a job interview. You’re excited, nervous, pumped, and anxious all at the same time. You’ve looked in the mirror over 50 times to make sure you look prepared and professional for the big interview. The hair is just right, your shirt is looking incredible, and you feel good about it. You’re getting your things ready to head out to the interview and you grab a granola bar while having a quick conversation with your roommate before walking out the door. 

Then it happens…food gets stuck in your teeth! Your roommate notices it but doesn’t say anything. They think to themselves, “I can’t say anything…I’ll feel embarrassed. They’ll be sure to notice before walking inside.” 

Would you have said something? I would have…in a heartbeat!

Here’s why:

They would be so thankful if you said something…like really thankful! In the moment, all sorts of emotions rush in clouding our ability to make a wise decision. Feel the emotions, but then choose to do the right thing. Think about how you’re hurting them if you don’t say something. 

This same example could be used in many different ways. Maybe you have a friend who doesn’t treat people with respect and is talking down on them. The scenarios are endless. Have the courage to help someone grow. You’d be surprised how appreciative people are when you have their best interest at heart.

Make today count,

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