You’ve changed, but does anyone notice?

Some people change, some people don’t. Maybe you’re the person who has changed. You’ve made some big mistakes in your past, but they’re behind you now. You don’t hang out with the same crowd you did in high school and you’re on a new path…a path that has a bright future. You want the people that you care about to notice the change in your life, but you don’t know how to show it. 

A good question to ask yourself is: Have I really changed? It’s one thing to change our minds, but it’s another to live it out. Actions reveal internal changes. The saying “talk is cheap” is true. Don’t just talk about changing; do something about it. 

Once you’re set on doing something about your internal changes, don’t be a show off in front of other people just to prove something. The more we feed on the opinions of others, the more we will crave it. Have a heart check to make sure you’re not doing acts of kindness to make yourself look good, but you’re being authentic in really helping other people. Most people have a great BC meter (Bull-Crap Meter) and will see right through your…well crap…and crap stinks. Help others out of genuine heart.

Finally, life isn’t about getting other people to notice that you’ve changed. Live out who you now are and let it be. Consistent behavior over a period of time will show that you’ve really changed. Then before you know it…people will know you as a different person.

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